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About Gulley Construction of Stevenson, AL About Gulley Construction
I am a second generation construction man. My dad was in business for 35 years building bridges and roads. He retired in 1980 and started doing small scale work in excavation and hauling.

I moved back to Stevenson in 2000 and started Gulley Construction. I started small but after a short time I began adding more equipment and hiring employees. As the business has grown we have never lost sight of the individualized needs of our customers.

We work hard to stay on the cutting edge with new equipment, environmentally friendly equipment and systems along with a small fleet of trucks and utility vehicles.

In 2000 when Alabama implemented Septic licensure requirements Gulley Construction LLC complied. We are the only Advanced Level 2 installer in Jackson County and we travel through the state for installation and maintenance of these large flow systems and engineered designs.

Septic systems are a huge part of our business. We are Septic pumping licensed in both Alabama and Tennessee. This allows us to provide 100% of the services customers may need related to septic and sewer. Unlike standard pumping services we are licensed for pumping, inspection , installation, service and repair for all elements of septic and sewer systems. This in itself is a huge time and cost savings past on to the customer. Gulley Construction is truly evolved into a all in one provider for septic and sewer services.

We look forward to hearing from you for all of your septic, excavation, land clearing, soils processing and hauling needs.

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