Soils Processing

soil processing Alabama You can depend on Gulley Construction for all of your soil processing needs in N. Alabama and S. Tennessee!

Our soil screening machinery will remove all types of debris from your soil, sand and dirt. We can filter out sticks, stones, rocks, debris and much more, leaving you with a fine, clean batch of soil, sand or dirt.

Our machinery can also help you grind your materials such as bark, and can make a very nice compost/mulch for your. Perfect for lumber yards!

Mobile Processing
We offer on-site soil processing, perfect for all your mobile processing needs for your dirt and soil. Let us help you clear your lot's dirt to make it usable for any number of uses.

Pickup or Delivery We sell sand, stone, gravel, dirt, topsoil. Available for pickup, or we can deliver any size, including 1/2 truck, full truck, or multiple trucks.

Our machinery can handle anything lots of any size! Call us today for a Free, No-Obligation appointment to discuss how we can help with your soil processing.